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Products & Services

Slabach Construction retains motivated individuals that are highly qualified and have many years of utility installation experience.  This results in a professional, knowledgeable, and safety minded crew for the utility installation.  Slabach Construction’s goal is execute our work to the same level of quality as our customer would do for themselves.  This Golden Rule of operating is what Slabach Construction has built its name and expertise on.

Directional Drilling 

We bore according to the industries standard of established best practices.  While some companies cut corners and do what’s best for them, we do the work like we are the customer and doing the work for ourselves.  The goal isn’t just to get our product from point A to point B.  At Slabach Construction, we strive to do work that we can be proud of and to install the product in a manner that enables it to sustain the longevity that was intended.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation has become a necessity to conduct underground construction in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  We use a water lance and vacuum hose to remove the soil in order to know exactly where a utility is located.  It’s no longer an elective whether to do it but part of the pre-job planning to determine existing utility location and our customers expect it to assist in cleanup and site restoration.

Cable Pulling

Cable pulling is what sets Slabach Construction apart more than any other area.  Our optimized installation system is able to balance the tension and lubricants utilized, while protecting the integrity of the product. Our cable pulling crews are not measured by a metric but are the metric to measure others by.


As the right tool for the right job plowing and trenching still prove to be very beneficial in areas with fewer utilities around.  Plowing can be a quick and effective method of installation along the right-of-ways of highways and railroads.  Customers also appreciate the minimal disturbance to the original surface area and the easy cleanup plowing offers.

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